When you want to connect a LD-Player to an AC-3 Decoder/Amplifier, there must be done a RF demodulation, either in the amplifier (included in the RF-input) or in an external device.

We offer an RF-demodulator board which provides RF demodulation in a very high quality range. It is called


and it can be included in our digital interface "CLU" or into the LD-player to provide a demodulated AC-3 digital signal. So you can order either a so called "CLU-RF" or a RFD-DIY-kit to install it into your Laserdisc-Player.

The external box CLU-RF contains one AC-3 RF-Input and one S/P-DIF (standard) digital input; The S/P-DIF input normally is equipped with a TosLink-Receiver, also possible with a RCA/Cinch coax input. It auto-switches to the RF-input immediately when it detects a valid AC-3-RF signal on its input. The CLU-RF has two outputs, one coax, one optical TosLink, which both output the S/P-DIF signal. The coax output is driven by our fast speed low jitter output which ensures a great sound!

You can order directly from our Online-Shop. The price is EUR 249,-.

E-Mail: info@bde.de

CLU-RF front view (left) and rear view (right)
CLU RF von vorne CLU-RF von hinten