Customer Comments:

I am extremely satisfied with the new performance of my player and it's hard to understand now how one can live with a NTSC player without your upgrade kit, which a) it's easy to install due to your detailed instructions , b) it's quite reasonably priced, and finally the sound it's amazing !!!!!!!!
(Pedro Carreiro, Portugal)

Thanks, I tell everybody about it. As info, I did a listening test with my Sony 650 and a new Pioneer AC-3 and mine actually sounded a touch cleaner that the Pioneer. My friend was not to pleased to see a kit sound better than his NEW LD player. Thanks again for the kit...."You done good"
(Dave Arnovitz, USA)

just want to tell you that my ac-3 upgrade on cld-d770 is done. after checking the voltages, I connected the laser to the yamaha ac-3 amp 3090. guess what... it worked and it sounded like majic. i tested the modified laser with another ac-3 ready laser disc and we could not tell the difference. you should congratulate yourself on a fine product.
(reyadh a. khamis, Bahrein)

I am using the AC-3 output with the new Sony SDP-EP9ES dolby digital decoder, and I must say that the sound is superb. I have read in various newsgroups about people having problems with dropouts on the AC-3 sound. This I was very worried about, but after having tested your excellent little modification kit for about two hours now on various discs, I have not heard a single dropout. Awesome!
(Kenneth L. Nielsen, Denmark)

I took the opportunity to test RF sound quality of a cheap DIY-kit. The Video quality is best, I admit, as compared to my LD player (which is modified by BDE electronics). But the good news is the AC3 sound quality is really not acceptable. I roped in my partner to hear it out. I played Mortal Combat Annihilation in AC3. This LD sound has very wild mixes of disco music, ADR, effects that are mixed together in many scenes. it is a good test for sound muddle. The difference is clear.
Your board quality sounded so clear and the echo sound could be heard long and fading. While the CLD939 has muddled sound. I am not bias, but anybody with a pair of working ears can hear the difference.
My friend was astonished.
(Yeow Chin Hong, Singapore)