The ultimative digital interface device is now here:


The CLU is a digital format converter converting different digital audio standards with high quality. CLU ("Coaxial - Lichtleiter- Umsetzer" or "Coax - Lightwave - Unit") has two digital inputs and two digital outputs. In the standard configuration it has one optical input and one coaxial input. These two inputs are selectable by a switch on the front panel. The digital outputs are also coaxial and optical, both working parallel. Any of these four input/output places can be mounted by either coaxial or optical jacks, so you can also order a device with two optical inputs and two optical outputs as well as one with four coaxial jacks. One output can also be configured as a ST fiber optics output.

Front view of the CLU:

clu-f.JPG (12895 Byte)


Rear view of the CLU:

clu-r.JPG (13985 Byte)


We are planning to design additional boards for the CLU:

1) a board with three inputs and one output

2) add-on boards. The CLU is prepared for digital add-on boards like copy-bit stripper or jitter killer or anything else which can be performed in the digital domain.

The CLU is carefully designed to achieve best signal quality. We use only high quality components. The board layout is optimized for HF-applications to reduce jitter and HF-influence effects.