Dolby Digital* (AC-3) RF output upgrade to Laserdisc-Player

We have designed an upgrade kit wich can be built in any NTSC-LD-player. It contains a ready-made professional SMD-Board, a gold-plated RCA-jack, a distance bolt for mounting the additonal board in your player, all needed cables (including a high quality 75Ohm Coax Cable) and screws and the grounding capacitor. So all you have to do is drill a hole, mount the board and connect the wires as we explain you.

ld1-rc.jpg (19129 Byte)

So we do these upgrades since 1995 and each modification works fine. We also perform these upgrades for some shops  in Germany, and everybody who has seen this hardware kit was amazed about the professional quality of the kit. The board is not hand-made but industrial produced from computer aided design.

Click here to see a list of upgradable players


* "Dolby", and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories